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How would you fill an Edcanvas?

This article talks about a new software where teachers and students can organize and share different materials. This software is in the form of grids and tiles, and under each tile it says the label and the media icon. Built into the software are tools where communication is made easier between teachers and students. There is a tool where one is able to drag information in from websites such as Google, YouTube, or Dropbox. It is easy to move around different tiles and put different things in certain order on the canvas. Teachers can create different classes using their own personal email addresses and then invite the kids from that class onto the website so that only the teacher and the students in the class can see it. Once the canvas is completed, it can be emailed or moved anywhere through email or a flash drive for presentation by the students. This website is originally a computer programming software but rumor has it that this will be compatible with the iPad soon. This website was specifically created to deal with classroom management and to overcome different obstacles that cannot be dealt with in the physical classroom. The co-founder of this website, Amy Lin, continues to ask for feedback from different teachers in order to improve the website. Amy and the team for this website are looking to find partner schools that could pilot Edcanvas for schools. This would include analytics and additional content options. This website is mainly used for creating web quests, student presentations, student portfolios, and many other things. The co-founder of this website shared some of her favorite canvasses with fellow teachers, some of them included canvasses that were made to understand books such as “The Great Gatsby” which sets the scene and introduces important content in order to correctly understand the story before it is even read. Another one of her favorite canvasses was a discussion on whether or not Graffiti is a good or a bad thing. The canvas consists of research on the topic and gives supporting evidence from different news and media sources. Her last canvas of choice was a Self Discovery canvas. This canvas gave different career opportunities for after the kids graduate high school. This gives a chance for the kids to explore the different careers of their choice. The feedback from this website has been relatively good, explaining how useful this tool is for teachers and students in the physical classroom.

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I really enjoyed this article. I completely agree with this teaching tool. In High School we had a website sort of like this for Spanish Class and it really helped with keeping us updated on important dates and it really kept the entire class connected.

Q2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I feel as if this would definitely HELP my teaching practice. I say this because, I really enjoy working with computers and being able to have basically a virtual classroom would be very interesting and enjoyable. I also feel that this is much easier than writing everything down. This way it will always be online and it cannot be lost.


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